Enlighten Designs is a global leader at transforming public and private data into beautiful, engaging, accessible visualizations that invite engagement from your entire audience. We have produced the world’s most widely viewed public Power BI data visualizations for The Associated Press, Politico and Microsoft, as well as numerous internal dashboards, mobile reports and in-app visualizations.

Our unique team of data experts, custom software developers, UX and graphic designers are deeply experienced at pushing Power BI to its upper limits and creating data-driven works of art that uncover stories yearning to be told by your data.

With over 20 years’ experience Enlighten Designs, headquartered in New Zealand, is a Microsoft Gold Partner certified in data platforms and data analytics. Our team of more than 70 talented staff has established itself as a recognized leader in software development, systems integration, website, application and Power BI data visualization production. We recently won two prestigious awards from Microsoft, including the Microsoft Partner Cloud for Good award, underscoring our commitment and expertise using the Azure cloud to create data-driven digital transformation for the good of businesses and the environment.

Data Visualization Pacakges

Customized packages available




2 weeks
4 weeks
10 weeks + 1 year support
Data complexity, cleaning
and modelling
Simple / single dataset with minimal cleaning
1-2 datasets. Data modelling to make suitable for story finding
Complex/multiple datasets and / or large data modelling
Ideation consulting, data visualization and data story discovery

Clear direction and objective known

Some objectives known, collaboration and review with key stakeholders to articulate data story finding direction

Provision of data story finding workshop/s and business analysis to establish what business decisions visualizations can drive and realization of benefits

Total Power BI reports built
(number of pages/visualizations)



3+ with custom visuals

Branding and design

Logo implementation

Logo + Graphic design of look-and-feel, custom colors

Full custom design

Design feedback rounds, UI / functional testing feedback rounds




Report target platform/
embed optimization

Power BI native

Power BI native + Web optimization

Power BI native + Web optimization + mobile and / or custom device build

Development of custom Power BI data visualization component, if required


1-3, as needed

Dataset evaluation and story finding

Data Consultant

Data Consultant

Custom branded, reusable JSON report theme and template developed and delivered (for use building future reports)


1-3, as needed

Power BI Service consultation

Guidance on governance and architecture

Power BI Data Gateway

½ day setup / assistance
+ documentation

Dashboard Development


Implementation training and documentation

Publishing instructions

Data modelling diagram, publishing instructions

1-day workshop + 10 hours of ad-hoc email support

Consulting services

20 hours per month (1 year)


Project Examples


Vox Media: Auto Manufacturers and Ride-Sharing Investments

Vox Media’s data editor needed a single visualization to illustrate relationships between car companies and the ride-sharing companies in which those manufacturers had invested. In collaboration with the editor, we created a simple interactive graphic that does just that, bringing companies of interest into sharp focus with a single click.


Microsoft: Girls in STEM Research

Microsoft’s commitment to global equity and diversity runs deep. To accompany a story about the age at which girls lose interest in science, technology, engineering and math, we created a package of interactive graphics that fit with the Microsoft brand, the theme and spirit of the story, and uncover the relevant insights for Microsoft’s worldwide audience.


Politico: EU Parliamentary Election Map

Politico: EU Parliamentary Election Map – The implications of the EU Parliament election were huge for the world. However, getting a clear picture of how an individual vote or candidate from a single party in any one EU election would impact the balance of the Parliament is complicated. Together with Microsoft and Politico EU, we created an animated data visualization to show how changing polls were forecasting the balance of power would fall, left to right across the political spectrum, then made it come to life in real time as actual election results were tabulated.

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