Working at Enlighten

At Enlighten, we live and breathe the web.

Our talented team agree that there’s nothing better than contributing quality content to the online world and bringing people together to share experiences. If you agree with this, then you’ll probably fit in here pretty well.

The heart and soul of our company is the unique, diverse and talented individuals, who share a common passion, working together towards a common goal. That goal is to be the best at what we do.

But that’s what all companies will say, right? If you’re having hesitations, maybe some shameless bribery will change your mind...



No doubt about it, we love our caffeine. In addition to freshly ground coffee whenever you like, the fridges are always stocked with a selection of things like Coke and Mountain Dew (or juice, lemonade and filtered water if you find your teeth starting to grind together).



Despite the frankly ridiculous amounts of sugary beverages, we actually do want to keep you healthy and fit. We regularly join social sports leagues, most often outdoor and indoor soccer.


The Lunch Bus!

The what? Being situated in the centre of town has major advantages. If you’re feeling a bit too lazy to make your lunch one day and haven’t yet found a significant other to make it for you, you’ll easily be able to find a group of people going somewhere to get something to eat.


Friday Drinks

On Friday, after a week of working hard, you can grab a beer or glass of wine and unwind with the team. These can often stretch into Friday night and can be a great way to bond with the team.

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