Illuminate Workshop

A human-centred approach to tackling business challenges.

Get clarity and alignment across a team. The perfect way to set a project up for success or to find a fresh perspective on a problem. 

We question, listen, discuss and report back.

Enlighten Designs ILLUMINATE WORKSHOP will help you:

  • Gain valuable insights about a pressing business challenge.
  • Provide a holistic view of your business and enable better alignment across teams.
  • Clearly define problems and opportunities so you can make well informed decisions.
  • Make a plan for next steps.

What you can expect from this engagement

A bespoke workshop in which our BA & UX experts will help you work through a pressing business challenge and report back our findings and recommendations. 

  • Planning
  • Collaborative workshop with key stakeholders 
  • Requirement gathering 
  • Strategy 
  • Analysis from digital and business experts (UX & BA) 
  • Uncover, collect, and collate current digital assets 
  • Business value assessment 
  • Report of recommendations, both provided and presented to stakeholders.
  • Benchmarking and road mapping to a desired future state 
  • Plan for how to proceed with this in a next phase (project context depending) 
  • Tiered costing for road map implementation
If your organisation could benefit from our Illuminate Workshop or any of our other services we'd love to speak with you.

Give us a call 0800 499 933

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